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About the Club

The Walleye Anglers Association of Manitoba (WAAM)
is a family-oriented fishing club based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Family Membership $40/year, includes your children under 18 years of age.
Please fill out the application and present it to an executive at the next meeting or mail to WAAM, 126 Gendreau ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3V 1M5. Make cheques payable to WAAM.

Our objectives:

  1. To develop and promote the sport of fishing for walleye.
  2. To make walleye fishing accessible to youth.
  3. To develop and promote a greater understanding and knowledge of the sport fishing industry.
  4. To promote and develop relationships with corporate business in regards to sponsorship.
  5. To promote and encourage ethical fish handling techniques and proper fish conservation.
  6. Co-ordinate a regular series of meetings, roundtable discussions, and functions to promote and establish fellowship among members.
  7. For members to share ideas, techniques, and information, which will enhance the general membership appreciation and all around knowledge of Walleye fishing.

Our Executive:
- Wayne Gee - President.
- Carlo Guzzi - Vice President.
- Jason Pollins - Treasurer / Membership Director.
- Mike Myslicki - Merchandise Director.
- Chantal Kirouac - Secretary.
- Richard Giesbrecht - Fundraising Director.
- Scott Cords - Social Director /
- Jim Bais - Web Administrator.
Thank You to our past executive members, Glen Lischynski, Dan Goulet, Mike Dotoli.

For more information or questions please email us at waamwpg@gmail.com